The time is now.

So when is the right time to make a stand? I think the time is now. We need to let those who are trying to suppress our way of life and thinking know that we will not allow fear to silence us. We should have a sense of urgency racing through our veins. My concern is these ideas will be implemented and it will soon be too late. I want those in congress and those in media to fully understand that I do not believe in anything they they are trying to shove down my throat. I don’t want to nod in agreement. I want to shout out that this is nonsense, a fallacy, the biggest lies. Socialism is their platform and I will not stand on it! I am hopeful this blog will be the platform of sanity.

One thought on “The time is now.

  1. I would like to know what gets under the skin of others. For me, it is the fact that people have become so damn sensitive to criticism to themselves AND feel the need to also defend others from such criticism. How else do you take a hard unbiased look at your habits and behavior? How else can one gain a better understanding of ones emotional intelligence?


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